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Dehumidification Tips for Properties in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Chapel Hill & The Triangle

It’s important to keep your basement and crawl space completely dry. Allowing moisture to collect in these areas puts your property and your health at risk. Damp surfaces can invite several other threats to your structure, which include:

  • Mold
  • Wood Rotting
  • Water-Loving Insects
  • Foul Smells
  • Vermin

However, with the right dehumidifaction and moisture control techniques, you can avoid these problems from happening in your basement and crawl space. Here are a few simple tips:

Patch Air Leaks

Most air leaks are found in your basement’s walls and floors, as well as the nearby pipes. They are especially troublesome during winter, as air tends to get colder. When cold air escapes, it evaporates – leaving moisture all around your basement. Sealing the air leaks will stop air from infiltrating other areas. Depending on the size of the hole you are dealing with, there are several ways to patch the gap shut.

Large holes must be filled with polyurethane foam. You can purchase the foam in cans at any hardware store. Polyurethane foam works perfectly for leaks that are in your basement’s walls, plumbing pipes and vents. For smaller leaks, you can cover them up with some caulk or acrylic latex caulk if you want to be neat. You can use silicone to seal leaks in a nonporous material like metal. High-temperature caulk is also available, for leaks that are located in hot vent pipes.

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Have Your Ducts and Vents Checked

Your property’s ductwork and ventilation systems must be maintained on a regular basis. These systems carry air throughout your home, and the slightest damage can create air leaks in your basement. Inspecting the condition of your duct and vent, however, must be done by professionals. Ductwork experts have the experience and equipment to properly repair any problem.

Install a Basement Dehumidifier and a Sump Pump

If dampness is a prevalent problem in your basement, now is a good time to install a dehumidifier and a sump pump. A dehumidifier reduces the level of humidity in the air, while the sump pump actually extracts water from your basement. Both systems are capable of removing moisture in the air and the surrounding area. Between the dehumidifier and the sump pump, the sump pump is more versatile since it is powerful enough to draw floodwater out of your property.

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