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Mold Prevention in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Chapel Hill & The Triangle

Mold Prevention in Wake Forest, Raleigh, Chapel Hill & The Triangle

Mold is a common household problem that is often overlooked. Even if the appearance of mold doesn’t look like an immediate threat, allowing mold to spread can be detrimental to your health. There are three types of mold that commonly grow in households:

Allergenic Mold: Not life-threatening, but may pose as a problem for individuals who have asthma and allergies.

Pathogenic Mold: Harmful to individuals who have a weak or compromised immune system. Causes hypersensitivity pneumonitis, and may grow in the lungs.

Toxigenic Mold (a.k.a. Toxic Mold): The most dangerous of the three. Spores are covered with mycotoxin, which causes lung cancer and bleeding of the nose and lungs. Fatal when constantly inhaled or ingested.

It’s important to identify and locate mold patches to prevent mold from affecting your health. Once you see mold in your property, have it professionally remediated immediately. But if your property has yet to show the signs of severe mold infestation, there are a couple of things you can do to prevent further problems with mold.

Simple Methods in Handling Excess Moisture

The number one reason why mold is a prevalent problem in your property is excess moisture. Excess moisture encourages mold growth in dark and humid areas. A damp crawl space has everything molds need to start taking over your property. You need tried-and-tested methods to effectively control and lessen the moisture in your home, such as:

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Search for and Fix All Water Leaks

A leak in the plumbing system can lead to an accumulation of moisture. This scenario encourages mold growth, so it’s best to find the leaks and repair them ASAP. You can use traditional methods to repair small leaks in easy-to-reach areas. But if you’re having trouble locating the source of a persistent leak or if the scope of the repair is beyond what you can handle, you should call the professionals who are familiar with repairing any kind of leak, and have the necessary equipment for the job.

Encapsulate Your Crawl Space

If you want to protect your crawl space from damages caused by humidity and condensation, consider having it encapsulated. Crawl space encapsulation completely seals out moisture from the walls and floor of the crawl space, lowering the level of humidity and preventing the formation of water droplets.

Dehumidifier and Sump Pump

Installing a dehumidifier and sump pump in your basement significantly reduces excess moisture. A dehumidifier reduces the level of air humidity, while a sump pump collects water from the floor and drains it outside your property.

Contact Pettyjohn’s Healthy Crawl Space at 919-289-8381 if you want us to professionally deal with your mold problem. We also offer various mold and moisture prevention services like:

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